Share a speed test script


Many times, the first thing we buy a VPS is to run the configuration the first time, test the network, IO, memory, disk, and see if there are any problems. So for basic operations, Qiushui’s is enough, but sometimes we need more detailed tests, so the next script is very suitable for us.

First, run it


Detailed usage parameters:

-info-Check basic system information
-io-Run I / O test with or w / cache
-cdn-Check download speed from CDN
-northamercia-Download speed from North America
-europe-Download speed from Europe
-asia-Download speed from asia
-a-Test and check all above things at once
-b-System info, CDN speedtest and I / O test
-ispeed-Install speedtest-cli (python 2.4-3.4 required)
-speed-Check internet speed using speedtest-cli
-about-Check about this script

share-upload results (default to ubuntu paste)
Available option for share:
ubuntu # upload results to ubuntu paste (default)
haste # upload results to hastebin
clbin # upload results to clbin
ptpb # upload results to ptpb

For example, we sometimes have domestic chickens, most of which have 1M bandwidth, so you can skip the network speed test and use:

wget;bash -info #View system information
wget;bash -io #Test read and write speed
wget;bash -speed #speedtest

If the machine is foreign, there is nothing to worry about, just run it all, including download tests in various places, very comprehensive:

wget;bash -a #test all projects

If you want to share the results:

wget;bash -a share #Test all projects and share

After the running points are completed, Ubuntu’s online address will be given and shared with others.
This script can be used in conjunction with to test domestic speeds. With this test result, we can understand the network situation of the entire server.