Proxmox Backup Server (beta) released

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH has announced today the first beta version of its brand new open-source server backup solution. The Proxmox Backup Server is an enterprise backup software that backups and restores virtual machines,…

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS is released

Six months of blood, sweat and development tears have gone in Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (which is codenamed “Focal Fossa”) resulting in substantial set of improvements that improve just about every part of the OS, from boot speed to app appearance…

Glances – An eye on your system

Glances is a cross-platform monitoring tool which aims to present a large amount of monitoring information through a curses or Web based interface. The information dynamically adapts depending on the size of the user interface.

Laravel 7 is now released!

Laravel 7 is now released and includes many new features including Laravel Airlock, better routing speed, custom Eloquent casts, Blade component tags, fluent string operations, a new HTTP client, CORS support, and many more features.