Docker Commands Quick Reference Cheat Sheet

"With Docker, developers can build any app in any language using any toolchain. “Dockerized” apps are completely portable and can run anywhere - colleagues’ OS X and Windows laptops, QA servers running Ubuntu in the cloud, and production…

Proxmox VE 6.0 發佈

Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH, developer of the open-source virtualization management platform Proxmox VE, today released its major version Proxmox VE 6.0. The comprehensive solution, designed to deploy an open-source software-defined data…

Raspberry Pi 4現售35美元起

Raspberry Pi 4現已開始發售,起價35美元。這是一次全面升級,幾乎涉及平台的每個元素。我們首次為大多數用戶提供類似PC的性能級別,同時保留了經典Raspberry Pi系列的接口功能和可破解性。

HAProxy 2.0 發佈

HAProxy 2.0 發佈了。HAProxy 提供高可用性、負載均衡以及基於 TCP 和 HTTP 應用的代理,支持虛擬主機,它是免費、快速並且可靠的一種解決方案。