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OpenZFS 2.0.0正式發布

OpenZFS 2.0.0已正式發布,新版本標誌著開源ZFS文件系統在支持平台方面的重大突破-從最初的ZFS開始在Linux上逐步演變成為統一支持FreeBSD和Linux的OpenZFS(對macOS的支持工作仍在進行)中)。此外,OpenZFS 2.0.0也帶來了很多新功能。

Glances – An eye on your system

Glances is a cross-platform monitoring tool which aims to present a large amount of monitoring information through a curses or Web based interface. The information dynamically adapts depending on the size of the user interface.

Share a speed test script

Many times, the first thing we buy a VPS is to run the configuration the first time, test the network, IO, memory, disk, and see if there are any problems. So for basic operations, Qiushui's is enough, but sometimes we need more…